Rising Star

When heavy metal meets horror novels, the result is Albatross – a band whose music lives by the motto ‘Blood, guts and glory’ Albatross is a Mumbai-based band...

Rising Star

Youth Inc touches base with Gowri Jayakumar and finds out all things interesting about this groovy musician

Rising Stars

Youth Inc gets to know more about the young starlet - Ayesh Kapur

Rising Star

Youth Inc chats with Alyssa Mendonsa, the young playback singer who has been making waves in the Indian music industry

Rising Star

Saahil Prem is going places with his new film. Youth Inc gets to know him inside out! He’s an actor with looks that could kill....

Rising Star – Salman Yusuff Khan (July 2013)

YOUR FAVOURITE DANCE STYLE It depends from season to season. This season it’s tango. YOUR EXPERIENCE OF WORKING WITH SALMAN KHAN It was a treat to have shared screen...

Rising Star

Meet the 'psychological illusionist' Karan Singh, who has shocked audiences across the world with his mind-boggling tricks From reading minds to baffling an audience with...

Rising Star

Sahil Shah is one of the youngest comedians who performs at a  professional level. He refers to himself as a child stuck in a man’s...
Justin Beiber

Things To Know About Justin Bieber When He Turns 23

Love him or hate him. Kiss him or diss him but you surely can’t ignore him! Birthday boy Justin Bieber has kept people hooked...

Celeb Secrets – Rheban Malliek – August 2013

Rhehan Malliek is an actor and model who gained a large fan following for his role as Dr Rahul Mehra on the television series ‘Sanjeevani’. He was recently seen...

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