Bad Girl You Say?

She's Uninhibited, She's Adventurous, She's sexy and She knows it. Razi Shaikh Explores the Lure of the 'Bad Girl' and Why Men Fall for...

Romance for the Ladies and Adult Content for the Men

Guys have never denied that adult content is their guilty pleasure while girls have always been drawn to a more boring avenue – erotica...

The One Night Stand

Does it work for you? Razi Shaikh tells you the good, bad and all that is in between one night stands Every topic needs an...
awkward dates

That Awkward Moment

Relationships are fun, exciting and at times, painfully embarrassing. Vatsala Chhibber helps you squirm out of those dreaded ‘awkward dating moments’ There are three kinds...

How Dateable are You?

Snakes N'Ladder Love Quiz Follow the rules (at least here): Keep on ticking the apt ‘ladder’ option for every ‘snake’ you answer. See what the grand total reveals...

Rules of Attraction

Jasmine Chabria brings you 'six sexy guides' to help lovelorns discover what the opposite sex wants What the Female Likes 1. Hairy Love Tales She places her...
pick up lines

Pierce Your Crush’s Heart With These Pick Up Lines

Have you spotted the person of your dreams but don't know how to approach him/her? We have all been there, but worry...
how to deal post break up

7 Steps to Post-Breakup Heaven

When you think of relationships, you think of love, the happy times and all the smiles in between. But one aspect which...

Gaurav Naik and Shiuli Dutaa Share their Individual Breakup Stories

We used to meet every day, share laughs and loved being with each other. I was in a relationship for almost one and a half years, but...
Dealing with your crush

Dealing with a Crush

Is there a person who comes to mind when you read this title? Razi Shaikh gives you the lowdown on dealing with your crush

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