relationship abuse

Tackling Relationship Abuse. Signs You Must Look Out For

Signs of abuse in a relationship should be spotted sooner rather than later. Trishann Henriques identifies them and helps dodge the bullet.

Adopting A Family

To find the truth behind the relationship adopted children share with their siblings, Sean Sequeira speaks to two adoptees about their family equations The plight of the adopted Adopted children aren’t looked down upon, but unfortunately, they are treated...
romantic movie

Romantic Comedy Lessons to Unlearn

Rom-coms are certainly fun to watch, but their fairytale-themed stories are far from realistic. Aparna Sundaresan distills 10 maxims from romantic comedies and tells...

The Dating Types You Must Date Atleast Once In Life

Dating is taxing but it is one of those things that help build your character. Some people give you happy memories while...

Why I Lie To My Parents About How Much Money I Make

I love my parents dearly and will always be grateful for the love they’ve shown me. That’s why lying to them about how much...
Friend Zone

Fight The Friend Zone

Getting out of the friend zone is no easy task, but it isn’t impossible. Aparna Sundaresan provides some pointers on turning your platonic relationship into a romantic one Nobody likes being in the friend zone....

Relationship Disorders!

A number of things can go wrong in a relationship. While you cannot completely avoid them, you can always try to set things right. Pooja Salvi...
Relationship Lies

Lies You Should Tell In Your Relationship

Lying is a terrible thing, we all know that, but sometimes honesty is not the best policy. Nooriyah Merchant tells you about 10 white...

How Facebook affects your love life

                                                                                                                                                                              Source: Julianna Rae

Textually Active

Razi Shaikh examines flirting in the digital age through tweets, Facebook posts and BB status updates which hide as much as they reveal             As you read this,...

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