Saturday, June 3, 2023

‘That Time Of The Month’

Shreya Shah observes how the third person in every relationship is not actually a person, but a crazy, raging monster – that is popularly known...
romantic monsoons

Spend A Great Romantic Monsoon With Your Partner

It is a cloudy day, a cool breeze is blowing, which is then followed by rains. Coolness has settled in the city....
emotional intelligence

Signs You Were Raised By Parents Lacking Emotional Intelligence

Growing up, there may have been times when you felt confused or baffled by your own emotions. You may not have acknowledged...
dating terms

New Age Dating Terms We Bet You Didn’t Know

Whether single or taken, the new age dating lingo is an attraction to all of us. With many of us, especially the...
the one

If You See These Signs In Your Partner, They Might Be Your ‘The One’

Gone are the days when marriages were decided over cups of teas and samosas between two families. Times have evolved and the...

How Facebook affects your love life

                                                                                                                                                                              Source: Julianna Rae

LIVE in LOVE out?

Live-in relationships are a stage that all couples must go through in a mature relationship, but social pressures may cause internal combustion

Adopting A Family

To find the truth behind the relationship adopted children share with their siblings, Sean Sequeira speaks to two adoptees about their family equations The plight of the adopted Adopted children aren’t looked down upon, but unfortunately, they are treated...
Dating Apps

Love At First Swipe: Are Dating Apps Building A ‘Safe’ Space To Protect Users?

Today, we have simplified the search for ‘love’ at a mere swipe left or right on dating apps. But, the recent Shraddha...