Wednesday, June 7, 2023

To look or Not To look?

Do wandering eyes take anything from your relationship? Ritika Ranjan considers the pros and cons
casual relationship

Friends With Benefits

Minal Patodia Asks If The Benefits Of A Casual Relationship Can Ever Be Enough To Sustain It Over A Longer Period Of Time

The LDR Bomb

Is distance making your heart grow fonder or stranger? we give you our distance-tested recipes for the dreaded LDR

The 'EX'-Factor

One of the trickiest facets of dating and relationships is keeping in touch with your ex or not. Beverly Pereira delves into this moralistic minefield

LIVE in LOVE out?

Live-in relationships are a stage that all couples must go through in a mature relationship, but social pressures may cause internal combustion

Same Sex in the City

The Same-Sex law might have been de-criminalised, but the indian LGBT community has not yet quite been able to reach the true status of being 'Loud and Proud'. Beverly pereira explores this issue

Teach Cheats

Suchita Parikh asks if technology is making it easier for one to cheat and another to catch you in the act!

Liar Liar!

Suchita Parikh asks why lying is a necessary part of any relationship

Seven Clicks to Your Life Partner

Tulsi Shah scans the murky side of online matrimonial options
First Date

How Far Would You Go On The First Date?

Ritika Ranjan points out some signs to look out for on your first date