Surviving Sadness: An Easy Path Towards Feeling Better

Viveka Babajee, Nafisa Joseph, Jiah Khan. What makes such young, driven individuals abruptly give up on life? How does one find happiness...

Access To Citizenship : Not All Men Are Born Equal

Un-natural-ization Your place of birth doesn’t guarantee your place in the country. For many people, naturalization is synonymous with citizenship. In July of 1987 Bombay...

Nisha's POV

The Festive Side of Education The electric air of crowds thronging festivals, focused arguing space and detail, repairing, planning, plotting, preening, graphic tees and ragged jeans,...

How To Productively Face Grief

Grief is one of the many inevitable truths we simply have to face at some point in our lives. Grief comes in many forms,...
problems faced by Millennials

Millennials And Their Share Of Problems

Having a life that doesn’t work according to the way you want it to, can be very disturbing. Millennials today are facing...

Age Is A Number And Age Has A Gender

There are many things told to young people in their formative years. These sayings, like solitaire earrings and wrist watches get passed on from...

Why is it easier to write when one is SAD

Written words and sentences are those which are spoken by the soul, where the brain speaks less and the heart speaks more. Writing makes...

Whatever Happened to Chivalry?

Nisha JamVwal argues why it is necessary for men to go back to being gentlemen

“To What Extent Can Gender Related Crimes Be Addressed Through Legal Remedies?”

Gender inequality has been an inevitable problem for a while now. Whether it’s in schools, offices, colleges or even the media, it is everywhere,...
Minimalists lifestyle

Do You Feel Bad To Have A Minimalist Lifestyle? Then Don’t!

Do you know that some of the most wealthy and smart people in the world lead a minimalist lifestyle? Yes! You read...

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