Horoscopes : Promises And Problems

There is a fine line between superstition and belief, and horoscopes walk that line. It’s uncertain where the concept of star signs originated from,...

Is Technology Taking Away The Childhood?

Sometimes I wonder what my childhood would have been like if computers & phones at that time hadn’t been magical. But I think my childhood...
patriotism related to snapchat

Patriotism gone wrong

Patriotism (noun) :- Patriotism is a feeling of pride and love for one's country. Citizens of every sovereign nation take immense pride in the cultural heritage...
social media

Inspiring Elements of Social Media that Caused Change: #MeToo, #Kashmir

When the internet, more specifically social media became a means of communication carrying the ability to reach an audience more than a...

Why Is It Easier To Write When One Is Sad

Written words and sentences are those which are spoken by the soul, where the brain speaks less and the heart speaks more....

Access To Citizenship : Not All Men Are Born Equal

Un-natural-ization Your place of birth doesn’t guarantee your place in the country. For many people, naturalization is synonymous with citizenship. In July of 1987 Bombay...

Walk Out of Abuse!

Women who are subject to domestic violence often hide their plight from society. Nisha JamVwal urges women to come out and let the world know the...
dating in college

Let Students Date : It’s normal !

Adolescence is a different experience for each generation. In urban India, up until the 90’s/early 2000’s most teenagers were using MSN messenger or AOL...
Reverse Westernization

The Rise Of Nazi Sentiments In America: Does It Affect Us?

A look at reverse westernization and how it could potentially bring peace This Just In With each passing day the news just seems to get more...
Stay Happy

Cut The Crap And Stay Happy

True happiness is much more than material possessions, fame and wealth, says Nisha JamVwal When I heard of Robin...

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