Nature's Fury and the Time to Take Stock

Nisha JamVwal analyses the state of the world today with reference to the Uttarakhand disaster and highlights the need to live in harmony with...
Harvey Weinstein

Hurricane Harvey : Will it make it’s way to India?

One of the most inspiring things to come out of Hollywood recently is the quick action that follows allegations. Even though Weinstein is not...

Is The Indian Democracy In Need Of A Makeover?

We are currently living in the 71st year post-independence. India is the world's largest democracy. However, are we as Indians using it rightfully? Democracy,...

The Ball Tampering Saga – Is a One year Ban Enough?

It may come as a surprise to many to know that the Australians in the 1930’s were known for their sense of fair play....
Justice in India

This International Justice Day, Does India Need More Fast Track Courts For Quick Action?

With a population of 1.25 billion people and despite being the world’s largest democracy, serving rightful and quick justice is one of the biggest...

Parents Beware: How To NOT Let Your Child Fall Off The Rails

Hitting puberty or entering the teen years has always known to be tumultuous. This is a time in one’s life where they are not...

Whatever Happened to Chivalry?

Nisha JamVwal argues why it is necessary for men to go back to being gentlemen

Is Technology Taking Away The Childhood?

Sometimes I wonder what my childhood would have been like if computers & phones at that time hadn’t been magical. But I think my childhood...

Is Your Life Filled With Happiness Or Just Enjoyment?

Nisha JamVwal explains the contrast between enjoyment and genuine happiness. Bonding over shopping, a...

“To What Extent Can Gender Related Crimes Be Addressed Through Legal Remedies?”

Gender inequality has been an inevitable problem for a while now. Whether it’s in schools, offices, colleges or even the media, it is everywhere,...

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