A Winner Despite the Odds

NishaJamVwal meets Mary Kom and narrates why we must look to the pugilist for inspiration and guidance in the new year In an age where...
un-branding fashion

Un-Branding Fashion: A Concept Well Explained For The Youth

Brands and style are not synonymous as many believe; style comes with a good dash of self-assurance, says Nisha JamVwal

The Dark Abyss That Is Depression

A very prevalent disorder in today’s day and age, depression usually follows a feeling of dark despair and emptiness. Nisha JamVwal talks about the...

Self Styled ‘Godmen’

The difference between finding a guiding light and holding onto a crutch There are multiple times in life when people need to have faith in...

Embrace The Practice Of Self-acceptance To Embrace Yourself The Way You Are

“I have a scar”, “I have a mole”, “My hair is curly”, “I am short-tempered”, “I express too much”, etc. We often hear...
Politically aware

The Importance Of Being Politically Aware

At every level of society, citizens interact with and perceive their political representatives differently. With time, the presence of the government and its leaders...
indian men

Indian Men Step Up! Women Are Finally Saying ‘I Ain’t Your Mama’

There are reasons why women make certain common statements about men. Statements like “All men are the same”, or “Men will be...

Divided We Stand?

Religion has been debatable for centuries that have gone by. Many questions have been raised against religion by either atheist or people of different...

Indian IPR Laws: Strict or Lenient?

We might be forgiven for thinking that India has very lax copyright laws as we see Bollywood movies blatantly copying Hollywood and Korean movies...

Glimpses of a beautiful mind

In light of the recent crimes that have rocked the Indian consciousness, Nisha JamVwal shares Israel’s President Shimon Peres’ inspiring philosophy on humanity Time for...

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