A Christmas Story

Nisha JamVwal reveals her love for Christmas and expounds on the true meaning of the festival, emphasising on the importance of kindness, sharing and...
un-branding fashion

Un-Branding Fashion: A Concept Well Explained For The Youth

Brands and style are not synonymous as many believe; style comes with a good dash of self-assurance, says Nisha JamVwal

Celebrated Philanthropist

Our prestigious celebrity columnist Nisha JamVwal was recently awarded for her social work. Youth Inc tells you more about her achievements THE AWARD Nisha JamVwal was awarded...
mental health experts

Your Yellow Page For Mental Health Experts

In today's world, five out of every ten people irrespective of their age suffer from some or the other kind of pressure...

All You Women! It’s Totally Okay If You Don’t Do Certain Things

The common Indian households till date hold the ancient beliefs of how women must conduct themselves in society. Even though we have...

What is FOMO? Columnist & Luxury Consultant Nisha JamVwal share insight on how to...

In a fast-paced world, are we really making the best use of our time? Or are we doing more than we can to avoid missing...
patriotism related to snapchat

Patriotism gone wrong

Patriotism (noun) :- Patriotism is a feeling of pride and love for one's country. Citizens of every sovereign nation take immense pride in the cultural heritage...

Why Is It Easier To Write When One Is Sad

Written words and sentences are those which are spoken by the soul, where the brain speaks less and the heart speaks more....

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