Ohh Baby!

Congratulation to the cold, but very beautiful, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The good news about baby Bachchan was revealed to the world by none other...

The Ranbir-Sonam Blitzkrieg

It’s obvious! Sonam Kapoor hasn’t got over Ranbir Kapoor! After saying repulsive and awful things about Ranbir in print and with her rants and...
decluter your room

Make Your Mom Happy, Declutter Your Room

Our rooms can be our personal heaven, a place of relaxation and where usually our struggle stories begin as we dream and...

The Glam Squad

The dream to be flawless isn’t hard to meet – even without plastic surgery. Surprised? We bring you simple makeup tricks – each requiring only 3 quick...

Festival Fever

Most music lovers prefer attending festivals than going to individual concerts. It gives the listener exposure to more artists, brings a variety of crowds...

Colours for Boys

COLOURS FOR BOYS NEON CRAZE Neon has slowly become very popular in men's fashion. Its naturally peppy look is in perfect sync with the youth  of...

Petite Pleasures

Monsoons are the time when the hemlines get shorter and colours get brighter. Follow the season's hottest trends
Oppressive Environment

Ways To Cope-Up In An Oppressive Environment During Lockdown

Oppression is the reality behind thousands of superficial smiles today. Many of these people adopt different coping mechanisms to deal with this...

Orange Alert

Tangerine tones are walking the ramp across the globe. We tell you how to incorporate the colour in varied doses.

Face Off

  Volume 5 Issue 3

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