Solo traveler

Being Minimalist: Packing, Budgeting As A Solo Traveler

“As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are!”Traveling solo is...

Plants Are Your Best Buds At Home And At Work: Here’s Why

Just when you thought that the small fresh green plants placed in the balcony or by the window, are only to improve...

Embrace The Practice Of Self-acceptance To Embrace Yourself The Way You Are

“I have a scar”, “I have a mole”, “My hair is curly”, “I am short-tempered”, “I express too much”, etc. We often hear...

Shoe for your sole Art

Transform your plain ol’ canvas shoes into works of art with these DIY projects. Warning: the results of this project might result in random requests from...

Hair in Technicolour

    Volume 4 Issue 7

Oh The Places You'll GO!

Want to travel but unsure? Abhik Bhattacherji takes you on a journey exploring what travel teaches you

Celeb Secrets

Poorna Jagannathan made her Bollywood debut opposite Imran Khan in Delhi Belly. This talented actress will next be seen in Thanks for Sharing, a dark comedy directed by Oscar...

Whatever Happened to Chivalry?

Nisha JamVwal argues why it is necessary for men to go back to being gentlemen

Violence and bitterness in our times

Nisha JamVwal laments over the prevalent aggression and apathy in the country and declares that love, more than punishment, can do wonders Gloom and doom Every...

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