Beauty & Brains!

We think It's Amazing that celebrities find the time to manage their hectic work schedules with academic life, what most of us think of as a full-time commitment. check out these hollywood celebs who have both beauty and brains!

Model Watch

Hey guys! This is a new platform for models and actors and for those who have always wanted a break in the glam world. Send your...

D I Y Design

Designer and National Institute of Design (NID) faculty, Anuj Sharma, is a master of metamorphosis. With just a humble piece of fabric, he gives...

No Goa!

Youth Inc picks three New Year destinations for those looking for a different experience from Goa's heady parties. Bring in the beginning of the end of the world – 2012 – in one of these distinctive hotspots!

The 'EX'-Factor

One of the trickiest facets of dating and relationships is keeping in touch with your ex or not. Beverly Pereira delves into this moralistic minefield

LIVE in LOVE out?

Live-in relationships are a stage that all couples must go through in a mature relationship, but social pressures may cause internal combustion


  A student gets a funky makeover by hairstylist Sushil Charles and makeup artist Sarika Motiani of Smashh Salon NAOMI MCCOO “I love my new look! It’s much easier to wear,...

Model Watch

Hey guys! This is a new platform for models and actors and for those who have always wanted a break in the glam world. Send...

Same Sex in the City

The Same-Sex law might have been de-criminalised, but the indian LGBT community has not yet quite been able to reach the true status of being 'Loud and Proud'. Beverly pereira explores this issue

Seeing Stripes

Horizontal and vertical, bold or narrow, black and white or candy-coloured - stripes are back! Clean and crisp stripes are great way to celebrate the end of summer before bringing out the winter woolies.

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