The High Road to Inner Peace

Eisha Sarkar Goes on the almost heavenly journey to the lahaul and spiti district and comes away rejuvenated!

Liar Liar!

Suchita Parikh asks why lying is a necessary part of any relationship


RANBIR KAPOOR He has very high self-esteem, but not ego The attractive ‘R’ shows very good public lovability Circled ‘i’ dot shows a very good sense of...

The Rain-Proof Beauty Kit

The rains are bearers of plenty skin and makeup issue so we bring you some off the record beauty secrets

Petite Pleasures

Monsoons are the time when the hemlines get shorter and colours get brighter. Follow the season's hottest trends

Must Have Bags For Every Girl

Whether it's a day to work or a brunch date with your girls, no outfit is complete without a bag. Kavya D'souza picks six 'IT' bags you must own

The Budget Shop!

Looking stylish doesn't mean you need to burn a hole in your pocket. Youth Inc shows off two readers who look fab in a...

Into The Blue…

Chntan Shah journeys the emerald islands of Andaman and Nicobar

Seven Clicks to Your Life Partner

Tulsi Shah scans the murky side of online matrimonial options

How Far Would You Go on the First Date?

Ritika Ranjan points out some signs to look out for on your first date

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