Skin Canvas

Tattoos are becoming more popular with the Youth In India. Minal Patodia Investigates the art of putting ink on skin

Puducherry Joie De Vivre

Sukrit Dhandhania takes you on a day tour of pondicherry, a haven that evokes love of life

Nilparna & Edgar get their glam looks

Two students are given an edgy, yet funky look by hairstylists Santosh Gahatraj and Valan Fernando at Juice Salon

Model Watch

  Hey guys! This is a new platform for models and actors and for those who have always wanted a break in the glam world....

Celeb Secrets

Monica Donga is one half of the Mumbai based electro-rock duo shaa'ir + Func and recently acted in the film Dhobi Ghat.

Vacation Makeup Box

Here's a list of what you'll need in your beach holiday suitcase to have fun on the surf in style!

The Budget Shop!

Looking stylish doesn't mean you need to burn a hole in your pocket. Youth Inc shows of two readers in their brunch avatars

The Other Side of Glamour

Designer Rahul Mishra discusses how Indian sensibilities are misrepresented with Gaudy styles; Deep-Rooted in our culture, we have elegant and understated styles

The Bridge from East to West

Minal Patodia goes on a trip through Turkey, a country that uniquely bridges Europe and Asia

Teach Cheats

Suchita Parikh asks if technology is making it easier for one to cheat and another to catch you in the act!

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