Funky Fashion for the Ears

Kirin Vas, founder of handmade earrings outfit Funkanatomy, talks to Youth Inc about her job and gives some handy tips on making earrings We know...

The Backpacking Bucket List!

Youth Inc brings you the places on our Backpacking Bucket list in India. These affordable destinations highlight the diversity of our vast country. So pick a spot, grab a bag and explore!

Shoe for your sole Art

Transform your plain ol’ canvas shoes into works of art with these DIY projects. Warning: the results of this project might result in random requests from...

The Boutique

                                  Volume 4 Issue 8

To look or Not To look?

Do wandering eyes take anything from your relationship? Ritika Ranjan considers the pros and cons

Celebrated Philanthropist

Our prestigious celebrity columnist Nisha JamVwal was recently awarded for her social work. Youth Inc tells you more about her achievements THE AWARD Nisha JamVwal was awarded...

The Makeup to Dazzle

Get equipped with the right makeup for all the parties this month LUSCIOUS LIPS FLICKR USER NATALION Coloured lip balm - CLINIQUE CHUBY STICK LIP ART Spicy red lipstick...

Elle Launches New Range of Sunglasses

Fashion label Elle, known for its eclectic design sensibilities, has launched a new range of trendy sunglasses. Elle, a french fashion brand is known...

Whatever Happened to Chivalry?

Nisha JamVwal argues why it is necessary for men to go back to being gentlemen

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