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Weighty Matters

Shedding holiday weight has always been an issue with those who have been vacationing and binging on fried food in the monsoon! Worry not, Priyanka Mehra gives you easy ways of getting back to shape

In a Jiffy with Chef Vicky Ratnani

You might have seen him on TV on one of his many gourmet shows, or sampled one of his mouth-watering recipes at the upscale...

Doobie & Mary Jane

By Gokul Gopalkrishnan

The Nature Doctor

Allopathic treatments have helped many over the years, but the side effects are giving way to alternative methods. Priyanka Mehra looks at the holistic treatment method of natural therapy

Adrenaline Junkie

Youth Inc picks three playful water sports that speak to the adventure lover in you!

Star Struck – August 2011

A popular Bollywood Vedic astrologer takes you through your starry forecast this month

Man with a Heart

Delivering a mega hit with his first movie; check. Stealing the hearts of millions; check. Being dotted with legal troubles; check. Yet maintaining a mega-star status for over 20 years; check. Being Human; check. That is what Salman Khan is all about. Youth Inc finds out what makes the Bollywood's poster boy the person he is

Malhar – The Giver of Rain

Tasneem Pocketwala investigates why Malhar at St Xavier's College is India's coolest college fest

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