Trikke Revolution

Trikke India is responsible for bringing the three wheeled vehicle to India. Read on to know what a Trikke is and how it functions WHAT IS A...

5 Best And Simple Ways To Keep Workaholism At Bay

If work is all that is going on in your mind, you are definitely suffering from ‘Workaholism’.  Workaholism has...

Martial Twist

As Capoeira takes the world by storm, Beverly Pereira explores this next big fitness trend A lot of people see it as a martial art,...

A walk on the wild cider

Move over, pie: An hour northwest of the city, the Spirit Tree crew is elevating the humble apple into a boozy concoction ripe for...

CrossFit: The new fitness mantra

An introduction to the techniques of CrossFit   Welcome to CrossFit   The CrossFit Games and the Fittest Man on Earth   CrossFit workout techniques you can try at home    

The World of Pilates

Pilates is gaining popularity as a fitness exercise regime. Here are some videos that reveal its benefits and the many ways it is practised. Why...

Now that’s what I call a sandwich

Not since the 4th Earl of Sandwich called for two pieces of bread and a slab of meat to eat at his card table...
Midnight Hunger Pangs

Stop Your Midnight Hunger Pangs From Luring You To Junk Food

Maggie has been for a long time been our bae whenever our bellies wobbled with hunger at the dead of the night....

Weighty Matters

Shedding holiday weight has always been an issue with those who have been vacationing and binging on fried food in the monsoon! Worry not, Priyanka Mehra gives you easy ways of getting back to shape

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