Saturday, January 29, 2022
waves 2021, BITS Pilani Goa

Waves 2021: BITS Pilani Goa’s Annual Cultural Festival

Waves, BITS Pilani Goa's annual cultural festival, is a floating ocean of talent, art, skill, originality, brilliant lights, booming songs, and endless...
Abhivyakti 2021, XIM

Abhivyakti 2021: Flagship Event Of XIM University Concludes

School of Rural Management, XIM University (NewCampus), Odisha, and RMAX,  Rural Managers’ Association of XIM University along with RM Career...
Kshitij 2021, XIM University

Kshitij 2021: Annual Flagship Conclave Of XIM University

School of Human Resource Management, XIM University, New Campus, Odisha, and XIMAHR, the HR Association of XIM University, hosted its annual flagship business conclave Kshitij'21, with stellar...
3M - CII Young Innovators Challenge

3M CII: Where Innovation By The Youth Makes Way For Development Of Society

Young minds often come up with breakthrough ideas; ideas unimaged, that lead to innovation. The youth holds immense potential, which when put...
Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur Launches Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive 2021

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur proudly presents to you our nation-wide flagship event, Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive (EAD) 2021.  Entrepreneurship Awareness...
Local Startups Meet (LSM), 2021.

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur Launches Local Startups’ Meet 2021

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur proudly presents to you the Local Startups’ Meet (LSM) 2021.  LSM is a unique Pan-India...
Action Plan IIT Bombay

Action Plan: Social Entrepreneurship Competition At Abhyuday, IIT Bombay

Abhyuday, started in 2014, with a group of socially inclined students who felt the need for a body, which provides opportunities to...
Communiqué 2021

Communiqué 2021 – Annual Media Conclave

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar is delighted to announce its annual media conclave Communiqué is scheduled for the 10th October 2021. 

WASPCON – OWASP VIT Student Chapter

The OWASP VIT Student Chapter seeks to raise awareness through a variety of activities and events. Their past events include TetraFlip hackathon,...
Eureka 2021

Eureka! – E-Cell IIT Bombay’s Annual Flagship B-Model Competition Goes International

Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay is an organization that runs several programs throughout the year to promote entrepreneurship, startups and small businesses. One...