The murky world of schemes and scams

There are enough people out there who are waiting to pounce on your money so they don't have to put in any of the...

Depression: – The Do’s and Don’ts

The World Health Organization (WHO) has played an exceptional role in monitoring the global health indexes since its inception. It has organized many campaigns...

The Dilemma of Leadership

I’ve always debated on what really is the best approach to leading organisations and teams. Should you be visionary or should you be practical?...

Segregation of Dry Waste & Wet Waste

In simple terms, waste segregation is the separation of wet waste and dry waste. The generation of waste is unavoidable, and the materials carried...

The reality of alternate sexuality in India

While the third gender – eunuchs, transgenders, etc – have been gaining some social recognition in India, the truth is that most of this...

Map Your Mind Unleash Creativity, Plan Effectively

From laying out your life plans to revision notes or your list of groceries, mind maps are the 21st century way of organising information. Vibha Singh catches up with Tony Buzan, inventor of mind maps and coach on how to use your brain more effectively

Leaders of Tomorrow

AIESEC India's national stakeholders' summit brought together a mix of interesting & notable people who spoke about the importance of the youth as the leaders of tomorrow
World Environment Day

What Are You Doing On This World Environment Day?

The earth has witnessed some really dangerous natural calamities the previous year itself like the Japan floods which killed 220 people, heat...

5 Brilliant Ad Campaigns That Will Blow Your Mind

Advertising campaigns are a series of advertising directed to convey the same message to the audience via a medium such as print,...
Martial Rape

Is Marriage A Contract For Legal Rape?

Nineteen-year-old Noura Hussein is sentenced to death for stabbing her rapist. Worse, her rapist is her husband of three years. Hussein, upon getting forcibly...

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