Pros And Cons Of Studying Abroad

Having an opportunity to study abroad is a big advantage that one gains through college and universities. It is said that studying abroad is...
dream university

How To Choose Your Dream University

Going to study abroad opens up a whole new world of opportunities and choices. How do you decide which place, college and...
Study Abroad Destinations

5 Upcoming Study Abroad Destinations Popular Among Indian Students

The youth today has become career-minded and believe that pursuing a proper educational qualification is a must to create a professional space...

Each One Teach One

Having taken a look at all the mainstream courses that countries abroad have to offer, we now review lesser explored career prospects overseas. Nancy Varghese gets the...

Students With Study-Abroad Plans Panic Amidst The Coronavirus Scare

It’s no news that the fear of Coronavirus has gripped the world. Countries have gone on strict lockdowns to fight this demon....

Switzerland, the study destination!

Switzerland, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, is also branded as among the best places in the world for education. It offers...

iGrad Global – For the best, by the best

A patient listener works as a salve for a distracted mind, as does a good education counsellor for study abroad aspirants. Biruda Virkud, founder...

Our Famous Columnists' Take on Youth Inc

Youth Inc's columnists share their thoughts on the magazine and what it offers the youth
Macquarie University, Australia

Macquarie University announces scholarships worth AUD $1.5 million for Indian students in 2018

Macquarie University, one of Australia’s top 10 Universities announced scholarship worth AUD $1.5 million to reward outstanding students in India, with a focus on...

Choose the Right Foreign University

Know what to study but don't know where? Deciding on a foreign university can be confusing and infuriating. Aparna Sundaresan offers some pointers to...

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