Week 1 Go through the ETS ‘TOEFL Practice Tests’, to understand specifi cally what the format of the TOEFL is. Week 2 You can start practicing TOEFL...

China’s passenger jet takes its first flight!

China’s C919 happens to be the first ever Chinese passenger jet to make it in the aircraft industry since 1969. C919 took its first...

Make Some Money, Honey

Working part-time as a student aborad will not only pay for many of your meals, but will also teach you new skills and make you new...

I'm Gay and that's OK!

In a country that still fails to accept homosexuality, 20-year-old Gladwyn Jones speaks about love knowing no gender and his experience of coming out of the closet

NAFSA 2013 Conference

          The NAFSA’s 65th Annual Conference & Expo was held in May 2013 at St.Louis, Missouri. The premier event was attended by over 9000 education...

The Secret World of the MBA

The MBA is a much coveted degree that is believed to have almost magical properties. It is believed to open all sorts of doors...

New report reveals growing unemployment among graduates

According to the latest National Sample Survey data, 16.3% of urban males who are graduates and under 29 years of age are unemployed. If...

Revised GST Rates To Benefit 125 Crore Citizens

Along with the total exemption of sanitary napkins from the GST, the GST council also lowered rates of a number of products thereby making...

Our Mentors

In Greek Methodology, Mentor was the son of Heracles and a friend of Odysseus (the famous warrior of the Trojan War and the central character of Homer's epic odyssey.) Athena, the goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration once took the form of Mentor and encouraged and came up with practical plans of dealing with personal dilemmas. Hence, the term 'mentor' in today's world is a person who imparts wisdom and shares knowledge. Youth Inc's imentors are accomplished and illustrious individuals who advise our team and give the magazine direction and support.
bmc schools

Will BMC schools live to see the year 2030?

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), which is the principal governing civic body of Mumbai has several schools which are run free of cost to...

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