Liberal Arts

Everything You Need To Know About A Liberal Arts Education

A Liberal Arts course is an interdisciplinary study encompassing four main areas of study – humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and formal sciences, which...
reading skills

5 Interesting Ways to Enhance your Reading Skills

Are you a book enthusiast? Is reading your favourite hobby? If you said yes, then welcome to the tribe. As much...

Hookworms could help fight asthma, immune diseases

Writing in the journal Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday, scientists report that a protein produced by hookworms eases the symptoms of asthma in mice...

Es'say' it Right!

Looking at applying to a university abroad? don't get paranoid thinking about your application essays. Youth Inc helps you breeze through the essay-writing process

How These Mumbai Youth Took The Crowdfunding Route For Their Ventures

When Kerala was hit by massive floods, various individuals and organisations resorted to crowdfunding, and managed to raise crores of rupees to help restore...

Three decades later, Punjab to hold student union elections

Punjab will hold student union elections in universities and colleges across the state from the coming academic year, 34 years after the elections were...

The International Attraction

The benefits of an overseas education run high, but most don't choose to walk that path. Aditya Mehta objectively views both paths
Sushant Singh Rajput

Doing His Bit: Sushant Singh Rajput To Help Underprivileged Kids

Sushant gained a lot of popularity while doing television. He won multiple awards for his show Pavitra Rishta. He also starred as one of...

Doctoral dilemmas

Even with an allocation of over 50 crore in the Union budget for education, and a proposal to connect 1,500 institutes of higher learning, several grants for research, there are few takers for PhD in our country. Youth Inc finds out why

Northpoint Centre of Learning

Imagine a campus set in the lush, picturesque hills of Khandala. That is just one of the many perks of an education at Northpoint...

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