"Make the Best of What You Have"

Dean of insead, Dr Dipak Jain, Tells students to keep trying and learn different things

Combating cyber security threats

With cyber security and threats looming large there is a constant need to be aware and equipped to tackle the issue.  The recent demonetisation...

Details And Delegation

Paul Murphy, Business leader at Aviary, a US-based technology startup, talks about the art of effective team management

‘Padho India’ Strives to Make Books Accessible to Everyone

Padho India is a Non-Profit Organisation founded by student Harshith Belagur, and is also run by students themselves. It is the only Non-Profit Organisation...
Avanti Nagral

Meet Avanti Nagral, the singer whose debut single ‘I Like’ introduced India to the...

Avanti Nagral is not your average new-kid on the block. As expected, we asked her what really got her inclined to singing. And her...

Exploring the Fearlessness of Actuarial Science

M Karunanidhi, President of the Institute of actuaries of India (IAI), discusses the course structure at the institute and the current and future state...

Work on Your Life Skills

Kiran Bajaj, principal of Greenlawns High School, Mumbai, talks about easing the transition from school to college
Arshan Vakil - Kings Learning

‘Kings Learning’ Helps Overcome English Language Barrier

In a country like ours where a good education is not always accessible to people, communication almost becomes a barrier for people to secure...

How These Mumbai Youth Took The Crowdfunding Route For Their Ventures

When Kerala was hit by massive floods, various individuals and organisations resorted to crowdfunding, and managed to raise crores of rupees to help restore...

Fit-Spirational and Fun

To inspire is to do one of the most wonderful things in the world. Who would understand this better than Anandita De, who’s own...

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