Monday, October 25, 2021

Excellence in Vain

In recent degree college admissions, students with scores as high as 99 per cent had no hope of getting into some of the most...

The Decisive Boards

The dreaded board exams are just round the corner. Last month's festive cheer is fading away as students across the country prepare for some of the most crucial exams in their career

Cheaters or Beaters?

With exam pressure mounting, students go to extremes to pass their tests and maintain good grades. Chaitanya bayanwala explores The Skirt Items Required: Gender change to...

Exploring the Sixth Sense

Pranav Mistry gives Youth Inc an insight into his futuristic mindset as he continues to take the world by storm with a host of path-breaking inventions

Crack the CMAT

Be the 'Epitomic One' this year and bag admission in one of the top institutes. Jasmine Chabria reveals the treasured tricks of how to...

Make the Mark

You will breathe a sigh of relief when you are done with these entrance tests once and for all. All those who have just entered class 11, be it in science or commerce, need to start planning their timetable to ace these career-making exams. Youth Inc provides the initial skeleton

All Work No Party

While the rest of the world brings in the new year with fervour, students of the company secretary course will be studying for their exam on January 1

One Step Ahead

The Advanced Placement Tests are going to be administered in India for the first time in May. Youth Inc provides the details

Big Business

Want to give your best shot to that coveted business management degree? Youth Inc provides you with a skeleton of important MBA entrance exams