Friday, December 3, 2021


Electronic devices contain a number of hazardous materials that are most often not disposed of properly. Youth Inc catch-es up with the pioneering indian e-waste recycling company, attero recycling, to learn more

Throw an Eco-Friendly Party!

This party season, throw on your green gloves with these tips on how to have a party with an eco-friendly theme!

Recyclable Music

If we can make music from trash, can we recycle more useful items from waste? Mumbai Stamp is a unique band conceived and started by...

Spark A Difference

With Diwali round the corner, here's how you can enjoy the festival of lights with an eco-friendly twist

Ray of Light

These solar-powered products will have an impact on our future

Green Academic Zone

With environmental causes having a huge impact on all sectors, it is no wonder that 'green' has crept in to everything. But ever heard of a 'green school'? Youth Inc presents India's first Green Business School

Go the green way with Eco-Friendly Clothes

Consumer patterns in the 21st century will have to transform in order to create ecological balance, prevent labour exploitation, and maintain sustainability for our...