Greenland Ice Melts

Greenland Ice Melt: A Caution Signal For Humans

Climate change is rampantly increasing. Based on studies and observations, scientists say that by 2050 the earth’s warmth and heat will increase to a...
startup incubators

Government Of India To Set Up 51 New Incubators To Aid New Startups Succeed

A startup incubator is a collective program planned to aid new startups to succeed. Incubators help businessmen solve some of the problems...
Encephalitis And Heatwave in Bhiar

Encephalitis And Heatwave Claims The Lives Of Many In Bihar

The death toll attributed to AES in Bihar has reached 112 by this time. Those mainly affected by the outbreak of this...
Doctors Strike

Doctors’ Strike: Saviours Made Scapegoats

Doctor’s across India are participating in a strike which began from 6 AM Monday, 17th June and will go on till 6...
Sudan Crisis

Sudan Uprisings: A Matter That Requires Global Attention

Past events are being recreated once again, this time in Sudan. The country has been witnessing political upheaval, atrocities, unrest and uprising...
Kathua Rape Case Verdict

Is Justice Delivered To Yet Another India’s Daughter? The Kathua Rape Case Verdict

There was a young girl who wanted to fly high but one day eight men took that hope away from her. On...
modi government

Modi Government: Season 2

The oath taking ceremony of the newly elected yet not so new government took place at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi on 30th May, 2019.  The...
Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal to Become the First Indian Monument to have a Breastfeeding Room

Taj Mahal, built as a monument to a woman, who died in childbirth, is going to be the first Indian monument to...
Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Modi Government

2019 Lok Sabha Elections Gifts Another 5 Years To The Modi Government

Although not absolutely correct, the exit polls can be reliable. Most of the exit polls like that of Times Now-VMR, Chanakya, and...
Mumbai dabbawala

Schools Ban Mumbai Dabbawalas Due To Security Reasons

Many schools in Mumbai, mainly South Mumbai have banned dabbawallas from entering the premises of the school and delivering tiffin to the students. They...

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