bungee jumping, paragliding, zorbing, zip lining, snowboarding

Free Falling – May 2016

Want to break free of the fear of falling from a great height? Try letting go whilst strapped to a cord and harness with Bungee Jumping...
bungee jumping, paragliding, zorbing, zip lining, snowboarding

Glide Away – May 2016

Who doesn’t want to know what it feels like to just spread your wings and take off? Well, you can do just that when you indulge...
bungee jumping, paragliding, zorbing, zip lining, snowboarding

Sports That Thrill – May 2016

The top adrenaline pumping adventure sports this summer Be it trekking, bunjee jumping or mountaineering, who doesn’t enjoy a break from the routine of walking or driving through...

The Gene Factor – April 2016

In recent decades, the amount of Genetic knowledge and its rate of growth have exploded. Let's take a look at a career in genetic counselling which...
virtual teacher

The Rise of The Virtual Teacher – April 2016

Virtual Teacher The skills that an online teacher brings, is becoming increasingly popular in the 21st century. We explore this out of the room education system and what...
product design

Innovation And Product Design – April 2016

The future sure holds a lot of great things, but they need to be designed first. Now that’s where a product designer comes in. Innovation and Product...

The Career of Games – April 2016

One of the most thriving careers as of today, gaming engineering or gaming programming is sure to pick up vastly in the future A gaming engineer is...

Jobs of The Future – April 2016

An overview of future careers that didn’t exist until now The future has always been a very obscure concept, but a fascinating one nonetheless. We can make predictions,...

Media And The Law – April 2016

The ever evolving cyber world brings with it crimes and danger that need the enforcement of law. We take a look at the branch of law...

Robot Revolution – April 2016

Rejoice, people. Robots are finally here, and they are definitely here to stay. We delve into the field of robotic engineering to tell you more about the...

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