Plastic is Bad – Especially if it's a smile

Apoorva Nanjangud explores the symptoms, causes and cure to the world of 'plastic' mean girls


New year resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep. Youth Inc gives you some help in 2012 to keep them!

Game For It?

Love Gaming? find out more about the industry in India and make a career doing what you love!

SRK Indian Super Hero

SRK is one of the best recognised faces of India all over the world. So how is the actor facing the transition to becoming a gaming hero? Minal Patodia finds out!

Arranged in Heaven

Traditional arranged marriages in India have given way to many awkward moments for the younger generation. Youth Inc digs deep

Bangalore Blues

Music and dancing are integral in the lives of youth all over the world; however, the citizens of Bangalore are suffering under a draconian law that bans dancing and live music at pubs

Raising the Bar?

Will the recent hike in the minimum drinking age keep the youth from hitting the bottle at an early age, or is this yet another case of a haste-makes-waste scenario? Youth Inc taps into this issue

A Life Less Ordinary

To see your students perform everyday tasks without difficulty can bring you a kind of joy you've not known. that is, if you consider a career in special education

The Education Reformist Aamir Khan

As someone who lets his work speak for himself, Aamir Khan Continues to create awareness through his movies. It all boils down to a passion that effortlessly blends his love for perfection with matters close to his heart. Education has always been one such issue. Youth Inc gets inspired by the perfectionist

“This Much Is Enough For Now,” Said No Shopaholic Ever

While the tried-and-tested retail therapy does wonders to lift your mood, it could also mean that you have a disorder if you cannot resistg the urge to buy. Beverly Pereira explores this trend

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