Young Turk

Faisal Farooqui, CEO of talks exclusively to Youth Inc about being an entrepreneur in the dotcom industry and more

Bringing Jobs to Students

Rishabh  Gupta, CEO of, a meeting-point for students and organisations, shares his experiences as a young entrepreneur YI: What motivated you to quit your...

The Great Indian Dream

Gautam Shiknis, author, founder of Palador Films and World Movies, and CEO of mChek, talks to Minal Patodia about believing in yourself to overcome...

The Logical Mind of a Tech Autodidact

At the age of 14, Arjun S has won two Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) contests, designed two Android apps and started his own company. Sean Sequeira talks to...

Of Technology Giants

Phanindra Sama, the CEO of, talks to Minal Patodia about the growth of technology entrepreneurship in India Your friendly neighbourhood grocer

In a short span of time, has made its presence felt both in the online and offline sphere as the go-to portal for...

The Budding Star

A Chat with actor Darsheel Safary on his first acting experiences, future plans and more

Long Walk Down A Curleystreet

Nathaniel D’Costa talks to filmmaker Pavitra Chalam about her company CurleyStreet Media and making a difference through films How did you begin your career as...
Yashraj And Yuvraj Bharadwaj

Yashraj And Yuvraj Bharadwaj: A Twinning Storehouse Of Par Excellence

“Our ultimate goal is to win and bring in India, a Noble Prize in research”, says Yashraj Bhardwaj, a youth who carries high ambitions...


From politics to fashion to television, Shaina NC is making waves at many fronts. She interviews a number of stars on her show and...

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