Sunday, September 26, 2021

7 Best Jobs For College Students With No Experience

Every person who has graduated from college knows that the first few months after graduation are the worst. Not only are you taking a...
art director

It’s All in the Visuals

Movie posters, film sets, print ads, theatre backdrops and game designs; the creations of art directors are ubiquitous. Vatsala Chhibber tells you more about...

Dhriti Oza and The Full Scholarship to The UK

16-year-old student from Podar International School, Mumbai, Dhriti Oza was awarded a full scholarship for two years to study at Ardingly College in Sussex,...
Workplace Communication

Think before you Speak

Important Factors That are Often Not Covered in Workplace Communication Workshops
successful people habits

Habits That Make Successful People ‘Successful’

Very often we all come across the images of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and wonder how these people managed to...
getting through weekdays

Are We Living For The Weekend?

Little ways to get over weekday blues Our life mostly comprises of weeks with brief intervals of weekends. The...
Social Media Ethics

Social Media Ethics For University Freshers Studying Away From Home

Shifting away from home for studying purpose can be daunting in the beginning. Adjusting to a new lifestyle, university, place, and above...
asking questions to interviewer

Interviewing The Employer

A typical job interview has widened its horizons – it now allows applicants to ask their interviewer questions. Nirva Vira proposes questions that will make the right impression old feet before a job interview is second nature; after...

Surviving The Workplace- Knowing When To Quit And When To Power Through

Jobholders are the wheels of a country’s economy. Regardless of designation, to receive a paycheck is a struggle and an achievement. At the beginning...

Ever Thought of Logistics as a Career, Well You Should!

Supply Chain and Logistics is critical to our day to day exercises as it deals with the distribution of assets like consumables...