Thursday, May 26, 2022

Spa Management: An Upcoming Career To Look Out For

Have you ever hoped to stay at a spa longer than you needed to? Well, spa management is the career you’ve been looking for! You...
career in graphic designing

A Brush with a Mouse

Technologies advance and with that our visual expectations. Youth Inc gives you a low down on what it takes to make a career in this colourful, creative, and dynamic field

My Thoughts on NRIs

Our intern Pritika Behrawala shares her thoughts on what she call 'Non-Reliable Indian' NRIs are considered one of the most intelligent species globally except in...
Aarish Ansari

Meet Aarish Ansari, One Of India’s Best Freestyle Footballers

Aarish Ansari isn’t your average football player. It isn’t too long before a few dribbles with the football turn into a spectacular performance rife...

Awakening the mind’s eye

Hypnotherapy is increasingly finding acceptance in overcoming phobias and addictions. Beverly Pereira delves deeper into the nuances of this therapy as a career option. Throughout...

10 Benefits Of Being A Translator

The most obvious advantage of being a translator is a chance to find good employment options that usually deal with foreign countries...

Musical Healing

Since ancient times, the ragas have been associated with healing properties. Explore the possibilities of a career in music therapy
physical training

Explore A Career In Physical Training

If you think we’re suggesting getting into a brawl or a fistfight as a job, dispose of the idea right away. We’re actually talking...
jingle writing

A Career In Jingle Writing

We all have grown up listening to and humming jingles of our favorite ads, be it of Poppins, Nirma detergent, or Vicco...

Shape Up Your Career

Want to make the world a healthier place? A career in fitness training allows you to do just that All those who have adopted various...