Saturday, August 13, 2022

Musical Healing

Since ancient times, the ragas have been associated with healing properties. Explore the possibilities of a career in music therapy

In The Lap Of Luxury

Hermes, louis vuitton, porsche, burberry, cartier - the list is endless! as the Indian market sees an influx of such brands, a career in luxury brand management could be the choicest one, finds Beverly Pereira

Awakening the mind’s eye

Hypnotherapy is increasingly finding acceptance in overcoming phobias and addictions. Beverly Pereira delves deeper into the nuances of this therapy as a career option. Throughout...
cabin crew

Up in the Air

A career as a cabin crew member is no longer as esteemed as it once was, and the number of applicants is declining year-by-year. Yet, many aspire to travelling the skies as their profession. Youth Inc investigates the high-fliers who are keeping it in the game
career in graphic designing

A Brush with a Mouse

Technologies advance and with that our visual expectations. Youth Inc gives you a low down on what it takes to make a career in this colourful, creative, and dynamic field