Saturday, August 13, 2022
Experience Design


Gone are the days when we slogged into the wee hours of the night to study for a shining career in engineering. We’re now moving...

Careers as a voice over artist

Pearl Mathias talks to Nishith Dhanak who tells us about what voice over career entails, the challenges that come with it and what he’d...

The Robotics Rage

From automobiles to education, robots are finding a way to enter almost every field. Youth Inc tells you more about the Plethora of Opportunities...

My Thoughts on NRIs

Our intern Pritika Behrawala shares her thoughts on what she call 'Non-Reliable Indian' NRIs are considered one of the most intelligent species globally except in...
Installation Artists

Installation Artist with Arty Juices

With varied surroundings turning into canvases and art expanding beyond galleries, Youth Inc tells you about a career as an installation artist Gazillion descriptions as to what installation art is are...

Shape Up Your Career

Want to make the world a healthier place? A career in fitness training allows you to do just that All those who have adopted various...

Raising the Bar

Have a keen interest in nightlife and the food and beverage industry? try out bartending-a non-traditional yet lucrative career choice
Floral Designing

Flower Power!

Opting for a career in Floral Designing is ideal for those who want to explore their creativity, Finds Beverly Pereira
wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner

If movies like the wedding planner got you a Tad excited to learn what it’s like to be one, opt For a career in this satisfying field
audio engineering

The Right Mix

If your passion for sound runs high enough to want to make a living out of it, explore a career as an audio engineer. beverly pereira finds out all abot breaking into the sound industry