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Annual Cultural Fest of Atharva Group of Institutes from 2nd April to 6th April. 

Shri. Sunil Rane, Executive President, Atharva Group of Institutes believes in the all-round development of every student to be the competent citizen of the nation to serve the society. It is a fest where each member of ACE gets a great opportunity to flash their cultural and technical skills, creativity and talents in multiple events.

The main aim of our annual cultural program is to showcase the diversity and development in various fields keeping in touch with the changing trends. The fest will be celebrated by the students of Atharva Group of Institutes which consists of 7 institutes. The fest will be graced by the presence of famous celebrities and international models.

Every year, the theme for Rhythm-Ember is Unique. “DASHAK: Relive the Golden Days” is the theme for this year.

The theme focuses on the vintage lifestyle and retro culture of our country in the 90s. You will all undoubtedly reminisce about the theme.

It is a 5-day festival starting from 2nd of April and going until 6th April. 

Every year we conduct a customary Marathon. The Marathon is conducted for a social cause and it marks the beginning of our annual cultural fest. This year the Marathon is going to be conducted on 2nd April and the theme of the Marathon is “AWAZ- Voice of the Unsung Warriors”. The theme of the Marathon sheds light on the unsung heroes of our country.

We have a number of day and night events planned for you this year as well. The festival is bound to be a banger with more than 55 day events including rap battles, treasure hunts, group dances, and many others, as well as 4 thrilling night events like Live night on 3rd April, Retro night on 4th April, Prom night on 5th April , and Dj night on 6th April.

For more details contact:

Omkar Ayare: 8169637616

Om Padhi:  79778 10455

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