Sunday, May 16, 2021
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celebrity eyes

Can You Guess These Famous Personalities By Just Looking At Their Eyes?

They say eyes speak a thousand words. One of the strongest facial features of any person is their eyes. Can you guess...
Ruskin Bond

Ahead Of His 87th Birthday, Ruskin Bond Curates His ‘Must-Read’ Short Stories

Had it not been for his stories, many of the kids would have never had the imagination-filled childhood they had. Ruskin Bond...
stress free in life

3 Ways To Reduce Stress In Your Life

Life throws a lot at us every day. We wake up to the blaring sound of an alarm, startled and in truth...

In Uncertain Times Like These, Be Opinionated Not Indifferent!

In times when the establishment is failing, doctors are breaking down, the sick are gasping for breath, people are missing the chance...

Abhiyaan 2021 – Back To School

Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering is glad to announce the annual cultural fest of their college – Abhiyaan 2021 
Kitchen Essentials

Identify These Kitchen Essentials And We’ll Tell You If You Have Ever Cooked A...

If you hardly grace your kitchen with your entrance, you are surely never going to correctly identify these very basic kitchen appliances,...
health insurance

What Are The Health Insurance Discounts You Can Avail?

Discounts bring a smile to your face. Due to cut-throat competition, health insurance companies offer policies at different discounts to the customers....
Motorhome Staycation

Plan The Perfect Motorhome Staycation

The easing of lockdown restrictions remains on track, meaning that from April 12 you can take a holiday within England with members...
furniture restoration

Furniture Restoration: The Forgotten Sustainable Craftsmanship

Restoring furniture is a great way to reduce waste and save money. Just because a chair looks a bit tatty or has...
lockdown, home lives

4 Ways Lockdown Has Changed Our Home Lives

The past year we’ve spent a lot more times in our home than we’re used to. From makeshift office spaces to virtual...